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Easingwold Draft Neighbourhood Plan


The draft plan document can be downloaded here  This is a 6MB document.  Below you will find a summary document.


Assisted by independent planning and architectural consultants, a group of local volunteers working in conjunction with the District and Town Councils, have produced a Draft Neighbourhood Plan for consideration by the local community.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views expressed by the local community in various surveys and consultations, (together with an exhibition), carried out in 2014 and 2015.

Neighbourhood Plans are produced under the terms of The Localism Act, 2011 in accordance with prescribed rules and guidelines requiring them to be independently assessed and subject to a local referendum before they can be formally adopted.

Once the Neighbourhood Plan is approved locally, it will be used by Hambleton District Council to inform decisions on planning applications (and other planning-related issues) within the town.

The Draft Plan contains 10 general policies and a proposal to extend the existing car-park at Millfield.

The 10 general policies can be summarised as follows:

1. Highways and Drainage: Policy 1 seeks to ensure that all new development is properly served with adequate roads and drainage;

2. Social Infrastructure: Policy 2 imposes a similar requirement in respect of "social" infrastructure such as schools, shops, leisure facilities, and health care services;

3. Heritage Assets: Policy 3 seeks to protect, and where possible, enhance, the setting character and appearance of "Heritage Assets" such as listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments, the Easingwold Conservation Area, and rural nature of the area;

4. Design Quality: Policy 4 aims to maintain and improve the standard of design in connection with new developments;

5. Footpaths and Cycle Ways: Policy 5 is an innovative policy seeking to raise the profile and standard of specified local footpaths and cycle-ways in an attempt to increase their usage and reduce locally generated car journeys;

6. Car-Parking in connection with new dwellings: Policy 6 seeks to ensure that new dwellings are provided with sufficient car-parking space to guard against excessive on-street parking;

7. Broadband and Mobile Phone Services: Policy 7 reflects a locally expressed desire for continued improvements to these services and encourages their provision in appropriate circumstances;

8. Housing Type and Mix: Policy 8 aims to ensure that new housing developments provide a suitable mix of house types, including bungalows and smaller homes for first-time buyers. The Policy does not seek to alter the amount of housing to be provided from that set out in Hambleton District Council's currently adopted development plan;

9. New Businesses: Policy 9 encourages the establishment of small-scale shops, offices and other services throughout the Neighbourhood Plan area in an attempt to maintain and improve the local economy;

10. Local Employment Schemes: Policy 10 is another innovative policy aimed at improving opportunities for local employment and training on new major developments;

11. Millfield Car-Park: Policy 11 sets out a proposal to extend the existing public car-park at Millfield in conjunction with additional landscape and biodiversity improvements. This will increase the attractiveness of the Millfield site and provide much-needed additional public car-parking facilities within walking distance of the town centre.

A full version of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be accessed via the Town Council's web site [] or viewed either at the Town Council's office, the Library or The George Hotel in the Market Place and The Galtres Centre reception.

Comments on the Draft Plan should be submitted in writing in collection boxes located in the Library and the Galtres Centre reception or sent by e-mail to <>

All comments received will be carefully considered in the light of previous consultation responses and the rules and guidance on Neighbourhood Planning issued by Central Government with a view to producing a "final" version of the plan for submission to Hambleton District Council.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this summary sheet.

We hope you will be able to let us have your views on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan within the timescale set out above.

Issued by the Easingwold Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of The Town Council: September 2015