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What's happening @ Curious Plum?


Work seems to have come to a standstill on our pub amidst various rumours concerning what is going on.

In order to find out more I met with Ben Pilgrim, Head of Communications at The Skelwith Group, six weeks ago.

He brought plans and diagrams that outlined what the new incarnation of our pub will look like and was convincing in his enthusiasm about the project.

The delay was due, he said, to planning permissions, which he assured me would be settled within two weeks. Once that happened then the new plans could be published for the village to look at.

That was early June and nothing has been heard since.

What has happened, however, is that the Skelwith Leisure Group has gone into liquidation. This involves Flaxby manor and Raithwaite Hall, Whitby. More details here: and

Where does that leave us after our pub closed December 2013 amidst glowing promises of luxurious interiors and Masterchef involvement?

The suggestion that planning approval is less of an issue than finance seems to gain more credence weekly and the issues at Raithwaite Hall seem to support that.

Bearing this in mind, I telephoned the builders (not) working on the site and they were very guarded in what they said. "no comment' was a repeated answer to various questions. What they could say, however, was that they were as frustrated as us and could give no indication of when work might restart!

I guess that in itself is clear enough!

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