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Orchards of Husthwaite


Changes are coming to Orchards of Husthwaite, from the 1st September this year.

The fruit juice and cider making project which started in the village in 2009 has successfully made good use of apples from the old orchards in the village and planted many new trees as well. During that time it has given grants to many village activities like the village hall, the Orchard Village Club, making the new village notice board, the defibrillator, the new porch door for the church, the Primetime project and the Husthwaite Newsletter.

Now the fruit processing and grant giving operations are being split from each other.
Cameron Smith will take over the production and selling side and the equipment which goes with it. He will buy out these assets over the next four years under a contract agreed with the present committee. He will also continue to buy apples from the village. More details of how that will work are set out below.

The fund for community projects in Husthwaite (which is likely to be close to £20,000) will be handed over to a trust consisting of Jane Maloney, Jim Murray, Erik Seaman, Andrew Coulthard and Cameron Smith, who will continue to respond to applications for grants over the coming years, until the current funds are exhausted.
This year's apple crop

This year is going to produce a big apple crop. Orchards of Husthwaite will continue to pay for apples delivered to the cider mill on set days and whoever brings them can choose from the following options-
 Take the value of the apples in cash
 Donate the value to one of the following causes:
 The village hall
 The Youth Club
 A Children's Hospice
 The food bank collection

So, if you have apples to press, let me know in advance and I will arrange a time for them to be dropped off. The advance notice allows me to be sure we have space to take them, log the batch and arrange for payment.

Cameron Smith