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It is probably a good time to remind you that all the Parish Council Minutes can be viewed in the 'DOCUMENTS' section here.  You may be surprised by the scope of what they cover!

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of the Husthwaite Parish Council held on Thursday 14th May at Husthwaite Village Hall
Present: C. Fenwick (Chair), P. Escreet (PE), P. Fox (PF), B. Smith (BS), E. Smith (ES), Cllr. C. Patmore (CP), J. Coulthard (Clerk), C. Colton.
1. Apologies: A. Gambles (working)
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved and signed as a true record.
3. Matters Arising:
3.1 Parish Council Defibrillator Cabinet: The defibrillator which was donated to the village by the Coxwold and District Surgery Fund (and was no longer required) was given to Millfield Surgery, who passed it to a community project in Londonderry, Northern Ireland who had been saving up for a defibrillator after a fatality there, caused in part by the lack of such a machine. The new defibrillator and cabinet will be collected from John Darley by Caroline Patmore. Once it is in our possession BS will liaise with John Ovenston re the siting of the defibrillator outside the Village Hall. Action: BS
3.2 School Parking Warden: Cllr Patmore will request that the parking warden pay another visit to the school to assess the parking situation at the beginning and end of the school day. Action: CP
3.3 Updating the Parish Plan Action Plan: The spreadsheet is still in circulation amongst the councillors. Action: ALL
3.4 Sunken Grave: A quote will be requested from C Slater for relocating the bench within the Cemetery onto paving slabs to the south of the car parking area and filling the sunken grave with the surplus turf. Action: CF
3.5 Speeding Traffic: The Community Safety Manager from Safer Hambleton has informed us that the data logger was deployed in two locations within Husthwaite for a standard 7 day period commencing on 19 March 2015. The results show that 85% of vehicles were travelling within the speed limit and therefore no further action will be taken.
3.6 Overgrown Recreation Area Boundary: Chris Slater will complete the works in the near future.
3.7 CCTV cameras: CF will check with Neighbourhood Watch and local police whether individuals having them on/near their property would have support. Action: CF
3.8 Enforcement of planning laws: As no response has been forthcoming from Mr A Dozey, Cllr Patmore will contact the planning office again to enquire on the status of the planning control notice. See Section 8 below. Action: CP
3.9 Commons Act 2006 Registered Land in Husthwaite: CF and PF to check what land in the village is registered and clarify ownership of areas such as Kendrew Green. Action: PF / CF
3.10 Local Council Award Scheme: The Clerk will investigate if it is worthwhile applying to the scheme for an award. Action: Clerk
4. Planning Matters:
4.1 The following planning applications have been received:
Sleepy Willows, High Street, Husthwaite - Internal alterations and extension to dwelling. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application)

The Orchard Inn, Low Street, Husthwaite - Variation of conditions 2, 4, 5, 6 of planning application 13/01724/FUL. (The Parish Council has No Observations on this application)
4.2 The following planning applications have been approved:
The Lodge, Husthwaite - Proposed two storey extension with rear porch.
4.3 Consultation on the following planning applications is ongoing or close to a decision:
The Orchard Inn, Low Street, Husthwaite - Proposed discharge of conditions, 04 scheme of refrigeration, 06 scheme of ventilation and extraction, 13 details of barriers and signs.
Land at rear of Sleepy Hollow, High Street, Husthwaite - Outline application for development of 20 dwelling houses. (This planning application was presented to the Planning Committee on 5 February).
5. Finance Report:
5.1 Current Account
Cheques/Monies out
30.03.15 . 100861 £90.00 NYCC County Fund inc £15.00 VAT
20.04.15 100862 £119.00 YLCA Membership
20.04.15 100863 £75.00 Play Inspection Company inc £12.50 VAT
Cheques/Monies in
30.04.15 £3750.00 HDC Precept 1st Instalment
01.05.15 £553.82 HMRC VAT Refund
Statement balance at 15 April 2015 - £12532.27
Account balance at 17 May 2015 - £16642.09 (including £8374.88 Cemetery monies)
Payments to be authorised:
Came & Company - £884.96 (Insurance)
John Howland - £779.50 (Painting of Village Seats)
Jan Coulthard - £320 (January 2015 to date)
HMRC TAX - £80 (January 2015 to date)
Husthwaite Village Hall - £500
Husthwaite Newsletter - £300
5.2 Recreation Area Account
No Transactions
Statement Balance at 15 February 2015 - £389.80.
5.3 Recreation Area Committee Account
No Transactions
Statement Balance at 3 May 2015 - £3.28.
5.4 Annual Return
The annual return accounting statements for year ending 31 March 2015 were completed by the Council and the annual return was approved for submission to the External Auditor. 26

6. Circulated Items That May Be Of Interest To The Council:
6.1 St Leonards Hospice 30th Anniversary: Councillors were invited to a service in York Minster on Sunday 7th June 2015 to celebrate this anniversary .
6.2 The Clerk - March 2015 - New Transparency Code: It is thought that the Parish Council already comply with most of what is required under the new Transparency Code. The only exception being that draft minutes must now be published within a month of a meeting and it was therefore agreed to put draft minutes on the website as soon as Councillors had had an opportunity to view them via e-mail.
6.3 Kendrew Green Cutting Regime: An e-mail has been received from Mr B Clark regarding the grass cutting on Kendrew Green. As the cutting regime was decided by the village via a survey, it was agreed to send a response detailing the history of the situation and how the decision was reached to Mr Clark. Action: Clerk
6.4 Street Name Signs: The Design and Maintenance team at Hambleton District Council have now replaced the nine damaged street name plates in Husthwaite. A letter of thanks has been sent to Claire Spink.
6.5 Bus Services: North Yorkshire County Council are undergoing a review of their subsidised bus services, which includes service 31X and 59. The council agreed to write to urge NYCC to retain the current level of service in Husthwaite. Action: Clerk
7. Reports from Council's Representatives:
Highways: Notification has been received that parapet repairs will be undertaken on Elphin Bridge with effect from Monday 1 June for approximately 2 weeks. In addition highway repairs are due to take place on Malton Street and The Nookin in preparation for future surface dressing.
Footpaths: Last year the Low Street footway was put forward on a list for Thirsk area to be assessed for funding by the central team. As we haven't been notified of any decision it was agreed to contact Amy Ellis, NYCC Highways & Transportation Area Customer Care Officer, to request an update. Action: BS
Street Lighting: Two streetlights have been reported as not working - one near the Village Green and the other on Kendrew green.
Recreation Area: On the recent annual inspection of the Recreation Area by the Play Inspection Company, several ‘Low Risk' and ‘Very Low Risk' factors have been identified. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the areas identified and will take remedial action if required.
Village Hall: The Village Hall Committee is in the process of distributing a survey within the village to ascertain usage of the new facility. This is a Big Lottery requirement and village participation is encouraged.
8. Reports from County/District Councillor:
NYCC Report to Annual General Meetings of Parish Councils
*NYCC budgets: Savings have been made as required to the last year's budgets bringing the total savings made by the Authority to £91.1m to date. A further £75.9m savings remain to be made between 2015/16 and 2019/20.
*Council Tax: Reluctantly NYCC agreed to put up Council Tax this forthcoming year by 1.99%
*Consultations with the Public carried out over the year:
*Libraries: In order to reduce spending on the County's libraries changes have been required in how this service is delivered. Easingwold Library will in future be delivered by a volunteer group, but will be assisted by professional support from Northallerton.
*Home to School Transport for children aged 8-11 years living less than 3 miles from school is still being considered by the Council.
*People Services: It is important to NYCC that the services for younger, older, disabled or disadvantaged 27

people are retained as much as possible. This leaves the Authority with difficult decisions on financial savings. It is recognised that cuts have to be made, but where possible these will be through changes in how services are delivered.
* NYCC AGM: This takes place on 20th May 2015 when it is hoped a new Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected for the forthcoming year.
HDC Report
• Reduced number of Elected Councillors. Down from 44 to 28 in this Council
• 27 Conservative Councillors elected, 1 UKIP
• The review of the Local Development Framework. This is now complete and has gone through the adoption process and a formal document should be available shortly.
• The review of Waste Disposal. New dustbin wagons on the way. A third wheelie bin for all recyclates except glass which is to be placed for recycling in the blue boxes. This all to take place shortly.
CP has requested a further visit from the Traffic Warden for the school at opening and closing times.
Asked for where HDC have got to regarding the Planning Control Notice , it has been served and this is now in Tim Wood's hands. He needs to prepare instructions for the Legal Team at HDC to prepare an Enforcement Notice which will go to the Courts.
CP has asked Tim Wood for information on the Section 106 monies relating to the Housing Development adjacent to Sleepy Hollows and what this can be spent on; or if the Community Infrastructure Levy applies (CIL).
9. Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th July at 7.30p.m. in Husthwaite Village Hall.