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Interesting information from PC Meeting


Parish Council Meeting held in Husthwaite Village Hall on the 17th March 2015

In attendance were:
Carol Fenwick
Elaine Smith
Peter Fox
Alison Gambles
Paul Escreet
Barney Smith
Apologies from Caroline Patmore who was attending Crayke PC meeting .

Village Defibrillator
The Parish Council have been able to obtain a FREE Defibrillator and cabinet so the village defib. is now surplus to requirements! The PC is going to contact Millfield Surgery to see if they or someone they know may be able to use it.

Elphin View Drain!!!
STILL blocked! Barney has (using the Husthwaite Parish Council Twitter account) sent a 'tweet' to NYCC asking them to PLEASE come and unblock the drain.... and received an immediate response to say that another works order to unblock and empty the drain has been created!

Dog waste
A new bin has been installed on Ings Lane down at Baxby - PLEASE USE IT, YOU'VE PAID FOR IT!
Dog poo bags WITH DOG POO ACTUALLY IN THEM are being left on footpaths; this is worse than leaving the dog poo! Is anyone able to explain why people do this??!!
NB You can put full dog waste bags in ANY village bin, even the black wheelie bin at the cemetery, not just a dog poo bin.

School parking warden
The Warden has visited the primary school and fines have been issued....BE AWARE they will be returning!

Parish Plan
Paul Escreet has been busy copying the Parish Plan into electronic/Excel form; this will make it much easier for the PC to update. We will be able to see what has and what has not been achieved, what is no longer relevant and it will also means we can prioritise the things still to be done.

Prospect Cottages Housing Development
Although a planning application was presented to the Planning Committee Meeting on the 5th of February, the formal decision has not yet been published.
An email sent to the PC from a Husthwaite resident regarding the PC's 'lack of representation' at the Planning Committee meeting in February and the PC's response to this letter can be found at the end of this report. Please take 2 minutes to read this.

Ings Lane footpath slurry
The manure has been moved away from near the gateway next to the footpath from Ings lane towards Baxby Mill (just after the bridge over the beck near The Hideaway) . However the Environment Agency will be revisiting the site and will suggest the farmer feeds his cattle away from the gate and into the field so the problem does not reoccur.

Speeding traffic.
Our application to have the vehicular activated speed matrix board sited in the village is being assessed by the Safer Hambleton Group. In addition the PC will enquire about the Community Speedwatch Scheme where the village can be supplied with a speed gun and can be trained by a PCSO on how to use it and log speeding vehicles. We had hoped that a member of North Yorkshire Police would attend the meeting but he/she did not appear.

Parish Council Email address
The PC now has its own email address: therefore please use this email if you wish to contact the Parish Council. This email is monitored by the Clerk, Jan Coulthard.

Registration of Financial and Personal Interests
"Interests for Husthwaite Parish Councillors" is now available to view on the Hambleton District Council website.

Parish Council elections you want to join the PC?! All current members have to stand down and be re-elected so your input in this is important! A flyer was posted through your door in February. Please read it and have a think about what it says....! And remember to cast your vote on Thursday May 7th.

Recreation Area
Chris Slater has been asked to tidy up the recreation area and cut the brambles etc back to the original hedge/boundary.
Continued overleaf

Thefts and break ins.
Did you know that the Police will come and give you a personal visit and provide timer switches and shed alarms FREE OF CHARGE?! We didn't!
We had hoped to ask the Police about this at the PC meeting.
Could we ask EVERYONE to take note of the registration number of any unfamiliar vans even if they look like innocent builders working in the area! Opportunistic thieves are taking advantage of all of the vans/builders working in the village at present and using this as cover!
The PC is looking into the possibility of installing CCTV around the village; more details to follow.

A recent planning concern in the Parish (construction of a building without permission) has been reported to the Planning Enforcement team at Hambleton District Council who are monitoring the situation.
Planning decisions and recent applications can be found on the HDC website, or by speaking to one of your Parish Councillors.

Next meeting is the 19th of May 2015 at 7pm...will you be a new member of the Parish Council?
Barney Smith

This letter from a Husthwaite resident to the Parish Council :
"I would just like to comment on how shocked I and a lot of other people in the Husthwaite community were, when we discovered that no one from our Husthwaite Parish Council panel was there in person to represent us and our village on the 5.02.15 at the meeting of the Planning Committee, where the application for the building of 20 properties at the land to the rear of Prospect Cottages was to be heard.
This apparently was due to the fact that MOST of the panel were at work at the time of the meeting.

We can only take from this that the other members of the panel who weren't at work had better things to do. As this project is a massive development for the village, and has deeply upset and unsettled many residents, we are to say the least, extremely disappointed that no one from the panel was at this major final meeting to represent us and fight our corner. Maybe if the meeting had been about the erection of solar panels and unsightly gates/posts and fencing we might have been better represented."

Response to the letter, by Barney Smith on behalf of the Parish Council:
I would like to point out one or two things if I may; firstly the position of Parish Councillor is voluntary and unpaid and all we can do is our best, in our spare time.
Secondly; the Parish WAS EXTREMELY well represented by Caroline Patmore. Caroline is our District Councillor and we felt she would be better placed to air our views on the proposed development. Caroline is able to stand and speak for as long as she wants at planning committee meetings whereas everyone else has a mere three minutes to say their bit.
Caroline lives in Oulston and knows Husthwaite well. I assume you were at the meeting and you were able to listen to Caroline's address? The recommendation to the committee (from the planning officer) was to support the development, however Caroline spoke against it.

Although no Parish Councillors attended the meeting on the 5th, Cllr Peter Fox did attend the site meeting in Prospect Cottages and conveyed our concerns regarding the development to the members of the planning committee who attended. In addition our detailed concerns regarding the development were emailed to every member of the planning committee as well as to Tim Wood, Development Manager and to Mick Jewitt , Director of Environmental and Planning Services. Furthermore the PC comments were circulated to members of the Planning Committee again prior to the meeting and the additional comments we made regarding the report submitted by Helen Laws were presented to the committee by Tim Wood on the day.

As I have already mentioned, Cllr Caroline Patmore actively participated in the meeting as did a local resident and the PC has since been informed that the committee gave real consideration to the application as a consequence of the detail provided.

Unfortunately the land in question was allocated for development in the Hambleton Local Development Framework after extensive consultation with the village and we were advised that the planning Committee was therefore likely to approve the development.

I hope this goes some way at least to addressing your concerns and although we cannot change the Planning Committees decision you can now see that the PC have (and will continue to) put in a lot of time and effort with regards this development, just as we will with ANYTHING that proves controversial in the Parish.

Kindest regards,

Barney Smith
Parish Councillor.