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Volunteers Needed


Now that we have an amazing Village Hall, all we need is a few more volunteers to make the running of this amazing venue a little easier! It's a great place to meet, eat, quiz, shop and be entertained but we can't do his without a little local help!

If you can spare either your time or your expertise, we would love to hear from you as we need volunteers to help with a range of activities and events!
Could you cook up a big pot of soup, bake cakes or serve in The Apple Tree Café? Could you spare some time to set up or clear the hall for a cafe, play or musical event? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please get in touch!

We are planning to run the volunteer list centrally on a rota basis so that no one is constantly being called upon for help! If you feel that you are able to help out, we would love to add your name to our team of volunteers. Every little helps!
How to get in touch?
Find me at the Husthwaite market on Sunday 22nd March or catch me at the next Apple Tree Café on Monday 11th May. Please note that there is NO café in April. Alternatively, e-mail me at, indicating if you are willing to cook or bake, set up/clear the hall, serve in the café or general cleaning. Or call me on 868092.

Once the list has been compiled I will contact individuals to confirm both availability and ability to help out at specific events. If you would like to get involved with any existing clubs/activities or maybe create a new one please get in touch as above!

Thank you in anticipation of a positive response so that we can all enjoy a prosperous future for Husthwaite and our Village Hall!
Lynn Colton