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Primetime Update & Video


The Primetime pilot scheme, run here in Husthwaite by Hambleton Leisure, is now complete. The organisation has been handed over to Husthwaite Village Hall.

You can see a video of some of Husthwaite residents participating here

Primetime sessions are set to continue from 10-12noon every Friday until Easter.
North Yorkshire Sport has provided boccia and new age kurling equipment, worth £566. We intend to augment this kit, using a £200 grant from The Orchards of Husthwaite, to keep the games varied and interesting.

Participants have decided to employ Chloe, herself a Paralympic gymnast, to continue to coach our Primetime sessions. Chloe is also able to train volunteers, to ensure that people of various ages and abilities can compete and enjoy all the activities on offer.

Everyone who takes part enjoys these Paralympic Games immensely, and is keen to encourage more people to come along and join in, and so help Primetime to become self-funding.

Fees remain affordable, at £2.00 per 2 hour session.

HVH provides excellent facilities. We have equipment, expertise and enthusiasm. Come and see Paralympic Games in Husthwaite Village Hall. Prepare to be astonished!