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Parish Council Response to planning application for housing development.


Husthwaite Parish Council wish to see this application REJECTED in its current form.

Although Husthwaite Parish Council accepts that the land to the south of Prospect Cottages was allocated for housing in the Hambleton Local Development Framework adopted in December 2010, it was also stated in this document that the development should ‘satisfactorily relate to existing dwellings nearby with regard to density and layout' (DP 8 & DP 32 refer). As this application is for twenty dwellings, on a site noticeably smaller than the existing Prospect Cottages site on which only seventeen bungalows / houses have been built, the Parish Council considers that this important condition has not been taken into consideration.

In addition, from the numerous responses the Parish Council received from the recent village consultation, it is clear that the majority of parishioners consider that, due to the relatively small size of our village, any development should take place in phased stages to promote social cohesion within our strong community. (DP13 refers)

The Parish Council is also extremely concerned with the access into Prospect Cottages and the land to the south. The current access road into Prospect Cottages has an extremely steep gradient and a limited vision splay onto High Street, which itself is severely congested as most of the houses in this vicinity have no off street parking. Furthermore, when it snows, this access road is not cleared or gritted, so vehicles from Prospect Cottages also have to park in High Street reducing it to single lane traffic. In addition there is limited parking available within Prospect Cottages as only five of the seventeen properties have off street parking / garages and there is only one communal parking area for six vehicles. Even the garages within Prospect Cottages, owned by Broadacres Housing Association, are NOT rented to those who reside there. As a consequence residents are forced to park vehicles at the edge of the road or in the hammerhead at the end of the cul-de-sac through which this new development would be accessed. Making this road a thoroughfare for an extra twenty dwellings will exasperate an already difficult situation and will not, as I am sure you will agree, provide ‘safe and easy access to all potential users' (DP 4 refers). On examining the report provided by Highways on the proposed development, it is clear that no thought or consideration has been given to the access into Prospect Cottages from High Street or for that matter the road through Prospect Cottages into the development site.

We note the planning application proposes that 50% of the dwellings will be affordable (the target advised in the Hambleton Local Development Framework) and although the Parish Council accept that there is a need for affordable properties for local people to purchase, we would contest the need for 50% ‘Social Rented Housing' as stated in the application. Broadacres Housing Association have recently been unable to allocate a number of rented properties within the village to local people as there has been low demand for such properties which would suggest there is little need for this type of housing in Husthwaite.

In conclusion, the Parish Council accept that some development will take place on the land to the south of Prospect Cottages but consider that these proposals need considerable amendments by firstly reducing the number of dwellings to take into account the local character and setting of Husthwaite and secondly by giving further consideration to the serious road safety aspects highlighted above.

Finally the Parish Council would like to know why the location address and postcode have altered from the original consultation. The site has always been known as ‘land to the south of Prospect Cottages' and changing this to ‘land at rear of Sleepy Hollow' (a relatively new property within Husthwaite) has caused much confusion with villagers.

Husthwaite Parish Council wish to see this application REJECTED in its current form.