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PC Meeting 18th November Water Leak Solved!


Present were Carol Fenwick, Paul Escreet, Barney Smith and Caroline Patmore

Apologies from Peter Fox, Elaine Smith and Alison Gambles.

Having only received back a dozen or so completed Article 4 Direction questionnaires the Parish Council announced that a decision on whether to strengthen the Conservation Area could not be made so it was agreed to extend the response time until Christmas. Please return your completed flyer (it only involves ticking one of two boxes!) to one of your Parish Councillors, or to the shop before Christmas!

Orchards of Husthwaite has kindly offered to fund half of the Defibrillator Cabinet in which the village Defibrillator will be placed, the Parish council will be making up the difference.  This will be positioned somewhere centrally within the village and will be available for anyone to use should the need arise (hopefully it will not!). Barney Smith will be talking with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to arrange for the Defibrillator and Cabinet to be fitted.

The Parish council is aware that drains in Prospect cottages and Elphin View are STILL blocked, Caroline Patmore will chase!

Hambleton has assessed our street name signs and will repair/ replace as necessary in the new financial year!

The volleyball ground sockets have been installed by Chris Slater however we all agreed that it would be better to erect the posts and net in the spring rather than have it up over the winter when no one will use it.

The new Dog warden is prowling the area so BE AWARE! The Parish Council have also requested a dog waste bin to be installed somewhere between the cemetery and the bridge near the stream down at Baxby as dog waste has always been an issue here and was even before the campsite was built.

Paul Escreet is still working on setting up a mobile phone hotspot network within Husthwaite, this will give users good 3G coverage, at present only Vodafone are offering this but this may change.

Parking wardens will be visiting the school during drop off and pick up times and any parent/ guardian found to be parked illegally during these times will be issued with an on the spot fine or ticket! This includes double parking, blocking footpaths and driveways - so BE AWARE!

Seats around the village will be repainted in the Spring. 

The water leak on Kays Bank HAS FINALLY BEEN FIXED!!
The leak was in fact Yorkshire Waters responsibility as it was coming from a large cast iron mains water pipe, it was not sewage which they had previously tried to convince us it was!

The trees on East View cannot be pruned as suggested as this will have a detrimental effect on the appearance and shape of the trees, but if this continues to be an issue for some residents the PC will look into the issue again andtry to find another solution.

The PC have sent a letter to the Director of Environmental and Planning Services regarding the proposed new housing at Prospect Cottages.  Although many concerns about the proposed new housing were raised the PC identified access as being the most problematic and the issue most residents raised. The PC has also invited the planners to visit the site before any decision is made, to see for themselves the serious safety issues that already surround this junction.

NYCC Grass cutting will be reduced next year to include only areas such as junctions and blind bends. Most areas in Husthwaite are already serviced by Burn Brothers and this will continue to be the case, this is what some of the money you pay in your Council Tax goes towards.

Bus service 31X has been re tendered to Stephensons until January 2015 at which point new contracts will be issued. 

Tractors driving through the village without due care and diligence was discussed.  Although the PC have no jurisdiction over traffic within the Parish it was decided that the PC would speak to its police contact about this on-going matter.
Tractor activity on the roads and though the village is limited to certain times of the year however parishioners should report any incident of concern to the local police.

A quick conversation on the pub was had; Tom Rennolds the MasterChef Chef is no longer coming to Husthwaite, in fact he no longer works for Skelwith!  
Having spoken with Paul Ellis we have been informed that Skelwith are in talks with another high profile chef who is very interested in running the Curious Plum on a Leasehold agreement....we are not savvy as to who this will be so we will have to wait and see! 

All planning applications and decisions on past applications can be found on the Hambleton website.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 20th of January 2015 at 7:30pm in Husthwaite Village Hall.
If you have any questions queries or quibbles then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us, details on the village website. 

From all of your Parish Councillors we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Carol, Elaine, Peter, Alison, Paul and Barney.