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Malton Street Shambles?


Barney Smith has been corresponding with Highways regarding the poor condition of Malton Street. This is a result of many complaints he has received regarding the state of the road..

The reponse from Highways is given below but before that here is the link for a claim form if you have suffered any damage to your vehicle.

Dear Mr Smith,

I have been asked to email you to advise you on why Malton Street has not been resurfaced but High Leys Lane has.

Please be advised that Malton Street has been put forward to be assessed for future funds for repairs. Unfortunately it is not really a case of comparing the two roads, the roads which receive treatment are assessed against roads across the whole of the county.

To identify the list of maintenance schemes, the County Council undertakes regular condition surveys (both machine and visual) of the whole of the highway network on an annual or biennial schedule depending upon road category. These surveys are the first part of the County Councils asset management based approach to highway maintenance and those defective roads are placed on the Councils list for planned maintenance, both preventative maintenance and resurfacing and reconstruction, depending on surveyed defects.

In addition to this the Council allocates about £3million per year to carry out structural patching to repair isolated defects which do not form part of a maintenance ‘scheme'.

In support of this highway maintenance programme of repairs the Council also carries out scheduled Safety Inspections to the roads and footways which in turn lead to repairs of dangerous defects like trips, broken flags and potholes.

Please note that the Highways Officer has carried out an inspection of the road outside The Lodge and has placed a works order for a patching repair to be carried out to the highway, this should be complete in the next 90 days.