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Details from The Parish Council meeting


Details of Parish Council meeting that was held on Tuesday, 16 September 2014.
In attendance were Carol Fenwick, Elaine Smith, Peter Fox, Paul Escreet and Barney Smith.
Apologies from Alison Gambles.
We were also joined by Gerald Crane and Liz Walton.
WE ARE STILL IN DESPERATE NEED OF A CLERK WHO IS AVAILABLE on the evening of the THIRD TUESDAY OF EVERY OTHER MONTH. Over a £1000/yr salary comes with the job.....!
THERE IS ALSO ONE POSITION AVAILABLE ON THE COUNCIL,; we are exceptionally busy at present so another member would make a considerable difference. The position available is 'Head of New Housing Developments'....only joking but seriously you could really help us right now. Please contact ANY of your Parish councillors if you would like to know what is involved.
It has been suggested that the PC look into strengthening the village Conservation Area.
We will be consulting the village shortly.
In short it would mean that planning would need to be sought for things such as changes to the exterior appearance of a property, demolition of walls and fences, and the installation of solar panels.
We have a spare defibrillator and this in addition to the First Responder Scheme could be installed somewhere in the village (Village Hall, Campsite) so that the general public are able to access it should a First Responder not be available. The cost of installation is quite high but the PC is looking into ways to fund the cost of £745 plus VAT.
Some drains remain blocked, namely Prospect Cottages & Elphin View.
Hambleton are going to assess the street name signs and (hopefully) replace/repair as necessary.
Volleyball equipment will be installed at the Recreation Ground imminently.
Carol Fenwick has been regularly checking rubbish at the MUGA and has not noticed any discarded rubbish but if anyone does notice rubbish please tell one of your PC'ers.
The PC are going to give an update on the Parish Plan Action Plan.


The PC has commissioned John Howland from Coxwold to refurbish and repaint all village seats.
We have had word from Hambleton that there is no intention of replacing the street lights with LED bulbs.
The leak on Kays Bank has been investigated by Yorkshire Water and they say no chlorine is present but there are high levels of nitrates which points towards a possible spring mixing with animals waste, such as cattle; no one knows but the PC are as a matter of urgency chasing Highways .Caroline Patmore is also on the case.
The PC has questioned Highways as to why Low Street has been one knows! Highways had it on their 'to do list' so it has been done! That was their answer.
The Low Street footway has been put forward on a list for Thirsk Area to be assessed for funding by the central team so fingers crossed.
There is next to no chance that we will get a footpath on the Nookin towards the Village Hall.
The PC has written to Broadacres regarding the possible trimming of the trees on East View green, and are awaiting a response.
Caroline Patmore has spoken to Mark Harbottle (Planning Chief at Hambleton!) and has expressed her dissatisfaction with Kevin Baker setting a rat running by approaching the village directly (flyers through letterboxes) about the proposed new development rather than approaching the Parish Council first. In future the PC will initially receive any correspondence and information, and the PC will then digest this information before passing on to the rest of the village.
Kevin Baker has confirmed his intention to submit an outline planning application for twenty dwellings but there will be no detailed layout or design specifications. The PC has passed all information/concerns gathered from the village last month to Kevin Baker and a Public Meeting will be called to determine the opinion of the village before the Parish Council responds to any planning application. Caroline Patmore also suggested to Mark Harbottle that alternative access should be looked at.
Caroline reports that crime as a whole has fallen dramatically in our region; however shoplifting has risen. 

Barney Smith (for Husthwaite Parish Council)