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Parish Council Update on Housing development


Members of the Parish Council recently met with Kevin Baker, design consultant,
and Caroline Patmore, our District/County Councillor to discuss the recent
consultation on a residential development south of Prospect Cottages.

We can confirm that Mr Baker is acting on behalf of the land owner by
distributing the Community Consultation in an effort to ascertain public opinion
on the proposed development. He is not the actual developer, his role is simply
to consult on the proposal to build 20 houses on the site and assess its suitability
in terms of access, geology and ecology. The details on his flyer of the site layout
and housing mix etc. were merely there in order to prompt people to give these
matters some thought.

Mr Baker assured the Parish Council that all comments received from
parishioners would be taken into consideration before the scheme progresses to
the next stage. Therefore, at present, there is nothing further to report.

We had a fantastic response to our own plea for your reactions to the proposal
and therefore are confident that we can accurately reflect the views of the
village in future discussions. We are in ongoing communication with the Planning
department and the landowner's representative and, rest assured, when we
receive any new details regarding the proposed development we will inform you

Latest: find out the latst news on this by attending the next Parish council Meeting. It is at 730pm in the village hall, Tuesday the 16th September.

Barnaby Smith