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The Revenge of Mr Trout by Tongue Tied Theatre


This childrens interactive theatre group is on this weekend at the Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold, Saturday 13th.

Please contact the pub for more details on 01347 868214

What Critics are saying...
Family Pick of the Fest, Latitude 2014 - The Independant
"All the children keenly play their part - some taking on character roles - in 45 minutes of fun and games with the sparring Mr and Mrs Trout. Any shyness among the children soon vanishes, such is the delightful manner of Simpson and the wide-eyed exuberance of Wiggs. How they relish throwing buckets of water at Mrs T as she walks the plank!" - Charles Hutchinson, York Press

What Parents are saying...
The show was fab! They loved it, we loved, more please!"
"My 6 and 9 year old loved it! It's rare to find something for both ages - go go!"
A zainy, chaotic, interactive outdoor adventure for children aged 7 - 12yrs old!

Mrs Trout had a mischievous streak and liked nothing more than to amuse herself by playing practical jokes on her husband. She was always thinking up new tricks, a lobster in his bath water, popping candy in his banana sandwich and a lizard on his pillow. The list was endless...and Mr Trout has just about had enough!

Mr Trout invites you to join him on this exciting interactive adventure as he sets about getting his own back on Mrs Trout at her surprise birthday party. Come and help Mr Trout make sure its the biggest suprise of her life!

TongueTied Theatre are proud to present The Revenge of Mr Trout!, a children only, hilarious, chaotic and fun filled interactive adventure where anything can happen!

The Revenge of Mr Trout is produced in association with the York Theatre Royal and has been generously supported by the The Arts Council England.