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Parish Council Meeting Tonight


The next meeting of Husthwaite Parish Council will take place
At 7:30p.m. on Tuesday 15th July 2014 in Husthwaite Village Hall


1. To receive the apologies of absent Councillors.

2. To confirm the accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting and to approve the signature of the minutes by the person presiding.

3. To discuss matters arising from the previous meeting.
a) Wesley House solar panels
b) Parish Council Defibrillator
c) The Orchard Inn
d) Blocked drains
e) Street name signage
f) Volleyball equipment
g) Village Waste bins
h) Bier House rental
i) Review of Parish Plan
j) Painting of Village Seats
k) Highways Planning Application Responses

4. To discuss matters which have arisen between meetings.
a) Public Open Space Action Plan
b) Burial Plots no longer required

5. To deal with planning matters.

6. To receive the Clerks financial report and authorize any payments to be made.

7. To discuss circulated items that may be of interest to the Council.
a) LED Street Lighting
b) Community Assets and Planning

8. To receive reports from the council's representatives on other organizations.

9. To receive reports from the County / District Councillor.

10. To confirm the time and date of the next meeting.