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Yoga at the VH Reviewed


I'm delighted to have a yoga class in the village, as a yoga teacher I'm always on the lookout for warm, welcoming, light, airy spaces with GOOD heating and a nice wooden floor! And now I've got one right here in the village where I live!

Yoga is an ancient science of harmonising body and mind, rooted in traditions over 3,000 years old that have been maintained in India until today. The word Yoga comes for the Sanskrit root word ‘Yuj', meaning union and it encompasses balance within ourselves, with fellow human beings and with our surroundings.

To find out how the class is going I thought it was best to ask my students, so here are some of their comments.

"Yoga is all new to me! But I'm loving it! Today's yoga was both a work out for the body but relaxing for the mind, afterwards I always feel energised, re-fuelled for the day, that is after I have woken up from the relaxation bit at the end!!
It is a bit of time where I can remember me. Just to take time to relate to how my body is feeling on a particular day. The degree of 'yoga' info is just right for me, enough to relate it to why we are doing certain moves, but not too much that it floods your brain with yet more information. This is also true of Jane's instruction, always pointing me in the right direction, when sometimes, as a beginner, my mind starts to wander.
The fact that it is a few minutes away from my front door is just the icing on the cake!"

"Yoga in the new village hall is a real pleasure as it so light and airy with the roof lights, a real bonus when you are laid on the floor. It's lovely to meet up with friends and practice is so beneficial in the morning, Jane gives us insight into how yoga helps the mind and spirit as well as lots of flexing and anti-arthritis movements. It's great to be able to stroll home from class giving me time to soak up the feeling and reflect before my busy day takes off. After doing yoga in cold church halls and dreading the moment where Jane says 'now you need to take your socks off so you don't slip', I am now really looking forward to that moment in the winter and having warm feet!"

"I would say Jane runs a friendly informal class that gives me the chance to focus both my body and mind. It's an oasis of calm in my busy life."

"Well, from my point of view as someone who has just returned from overseas to the village, I am just thrilled that we have this wonderful new, light, airy, clean and inviting space in which to have our yoga classes. The space really lends itself to the practice as well as all the other activities which are now attracted to use it. I'm there so often at one thing and another; I'm considering taking my bed roll down there to save on travelling time/costs! I'd also like to say how lucky we are that it attracts the service of some excellent and professional teachers (Jane and the Zumba teacher Elaine) so that we country-living villagers have it all - we get to live in the beautiful place AND have the advantages of usually town-based activities come to us!"

"I am pleased to let you know how much I am enjoying the class on Tuesday in the new village hall. The moves are basic and I feel so good putting all my energy and concentration into a simple movement like touching my toes. The class is very mixed ability and I feel comfortable doing as much or as little as I want.
Thank you for a lovely class."
New members are always welcome to come and try it, Tuesday 9.15-10.30am - men and women, 18-80+, come with a mat if possible or get in touch to find out more.
07906 652669