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Husthwaite Parish Council AGM 7pm at Husthwaite Village Hall.

Ok, so maybe it is not the European Elections but some may feel it is just as important if not MORE so, democracy starts at home - where you live!

On Tuesday the 20th of May your Parish Council will be holding its Annual General Meeting and you can come along and vote for who YOU want to look after your village; vote for who will decide on how much Council tax you pay, who will make sure your village is kept looking clean and tidy, who will make sure our roads and footpaths are safe and maintained, who will make planning decisions and who represents you at higher levels such as at Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

It does not promise to be a evening of fun and frolics but it is an important part of village and community life so your presence would be welcomed.

Also whilst we are on the matter please do not forget to vote in the European Elections on Thursday the 22nd (polling station is the village hall) - another important democratic event, it could be interesting this one!