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The Age of Elegance


A group of suitably attired people arrived in York at Station Rise to take the 'Age of Elegance' tour.   We were  met by our guide, Warwick Burton and were led to the bottom of Toft Lane where Warwick indicated a previously unknown lavatory complex for our convenience.   Although it proved more Viking than Georgian it seemed fit for purpose...just.
The tour proper started just a bit further up at the stunning new Council offices. This re-development of the original Railway Station came as a surprise and more details can be seen here

Yorkshire sensibilities dictate that further free revelations concerning the tour be withheld as the group paid the princely sum of £5 p.p. to be illuminated on a fascinating period of York History.

Suffice to say we learned that in the Georgian era, the coaching system was so streamlined that the journey time from London to York was a meagre 20 hours. Only marginally slower than the Megabus. Also, the quayside area near the King's Arms was a den of iniquity, featuring drunkenness, brawling, theft and fallen women. No change there then.

It is worth mentioning, however, that our break was taken at the Spurriergate Centre where the excellent refreshments are served by volunteers and the proceeds go to various charitable projects.