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And the winner is...


'Myxomatosis Metamorphosis'

'Myxo' hopped into the lead at the last minute and won by a short ear from the eco one, however:

What a coincidence!!!

Some people have confused this vote with the April Fool's vote on the pub name: "The Curious Plum'.

They have pointed out that all the following indicate an April Fool Joke.:

  • Rolf Paoli is an anagram of April Fool
  • Voting concluded on April Fool's Day
  • The artists names, Dia das Petas (Portugal), Ziua Pacaleli (Romania), Bolandoc Napja ( Hungary), Ngay Ca Thang Tue (Vietnam), are all those countries version of 'April Fool'
  • The statues were more than slightly inappropriate

I can assure folk that pure chance has led to this confusion.

The piece is being carved as we speak and to those who expressed aesthetic horror, we can only remind folk of similar sentiments voiced when the new village hall plans were first displayed.... and how well it is received now.

The admisistrator of this website offers no apology to anyone who suffered extreme injury or offence in this project.

Votes cast now may show on the website but will not count and you may be charged.