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Amplecarr Road Closures


BT is installing our superfast broadband but instead of it coming from Coxwold (where the telephone exchange is situated and where all our phone lines/broadband comes from) they are piping it from the A19 for reasons I'm not sure about however I did hear that the exchange at Coxwold is overloaded and it would cost too much to upgrade it.

The reason the road is closed one day and then open the next is because various teams from BT are sent in to do different jobs to install the superfast broadband, one team will come to repair the pipe which carries the fibre-optic - this means digging up the road, a few days later another team will be sent in to blow the fibre-optic down the pipe and then another team will be sent in to connect it altogether! The reason this is not happening all at the same time is actually due to the bad weather. Unfortunately (and as you might expect) our superfast broadband is not a priority job it is simply an upgrade, the severe weather up and down the country means that BT engineers that were assigned to installing our broadband are being called out to emergency jobs, mainly in Somerset and other parts of the South West.

It is very frustrating I know however when the cones and Road Closed signs are across the road this does actually mean the road is closed and there is a high chance that the road may be impassible especially if they're having to dig it up to repair the pipework.

The road management team has assured me that when the road is closed the school buses will be able to pass through twice a day to pick up/drop off children, they also pointed out that it is actually a criminal offence to drive a long a closed road and it can result in the police being called and three points being added to your license!
When BT are not scheduled to do any work on Amplecarr North Yorkshire county council Highways have asked that the road remain open.
The only problem is due to the weather we do not know if the scheduled BT works will actually happen, no one is able to tell us what dates the road will be open what dates it won't be! Another weather related frustration I'm afraid.

Barney Smith