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Community First Responder


Barney Smith organised a session lead by Yorkshire ambulance service where we found out what is involved in being a community first responder.

It may seem obvious, but difficulty in breathing is life threatening.  Cardiac arrest is the most common cause but choking, asthma and electric shocks are some of the others.  These are not age related!

Community first responders are trained to deal with these situations, they do not respond to other forms of trauma, which, although serious lack the immediacy that breathing difficulties engender.

It is known that with with cardiac arrest, for example, with every minute delay in receiving assistance the patients survival chances diminish by 10%!

In order to be supported by Yorkshire ambulance we need a minimum of 8 good neighbours to receive the training and equipment.

Unfortunately there were less than that at the meeting.

There were many sound reasons for the low turnout.  Our's is a good village where people care and support each other.

There will be another meeting early in the new year. This will be well publicised and the opportunity will be available for you to see if you are able to contribute to this important community venture.