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Warm Healthy Homes Project


This project has been identified by a working group consisting of Hambleton District Council, National Energy Action, North Yorkshire County Council's public Health, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group and Broadacres Vale and Dale. Using statistical data related to fuel poverty, cold related illnesses and re-admissions, stone walled properties and ‘no gas' areas the Thirsk Wards (listed above) were identified as having the greatest needs in relation to the warm, healthy homes agenda in Hambleton.

Hambleton District Council has set up a fund to provide financial support to those that need it most which will be available across Hambleton but we have also secured a small pot of funding from North Yorkshire County Council's Public Health fund to deliver targeted work in Thirsk; raising the awareness of professionals about the risk and health related issues that can arise from someone living in a cold, damp house; and then the help and financial support that is available for people in need. There will be events and training sessions run in the New Year but to get the ball rolling the attached brief is being circulated to all our networks to start raising awareness of the scheme immediately.

A simple checklist has also been produced to help workers / professionals identify whether their client, patient or service user is in need of support - we are producing these as laminated A5 cards so they are easy to carry around and refer to.

If you need further information about this scheme of would like copies of the laminated checklists please contact Bryony Wilford, our Sustainable Development Officer and Co-ordinator for this project on tel. 01609 767160 and email