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Helping on Hovingham Market


Would you be willing to help sell cider and fruit juice occasionally to help raise money for projects in Husthwaite?
Once a month, the first Saturday of every month, a group of volunteers takes turns to help sell the produce from our community cider project (Orchards of Husthwaite). We have a market stall, and it's an enjoyable experience meeting people, letting them sample the products and selling them. There's a community cafe on site for excellent refreshments, and it's a cheerful community to join in with.
Usually we go in pairs to help on the stall, which runs from 10-1.30, plus a bit of time packing up.There's a bit of lifting involved, so check with Jane Maloney or Jan Coulthard if you want to have a go, and they will give you details of what's needed.
If you'd like to give a bit of time occasionally, please contact Jane on 868235 or Jan on 868130.PLEASE