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Village Hall Update


Husthwaite Village Hall Update
The village hall hosted a Christmas party attended by 60 villagers from the very young to Mary Barker who celebrated her 90th birthday on the evening itself. Mary's birthday was celebrated by a chorus of Happy Birthday and a birthday cake. Entertainment was provided by A Bit of a Gamble and a fun night was enjoyed by all.

A Village quiz also took place on the 5th of January. The quiz had 8 rounds each set by a different questioner. With 50 people and 11 teams, the victors were a combination of the Walker and Gallon families who played their joker astutely and scored consistently throughout.

The new Village Hall
We continue to work with the professional teams (architects, quantity surveyors etc) to progress the plan for the new village hall.

The tenders were sent out on Thursday the 10th of January to 6 building firms. Tenders will then be returned and reviewed at the beginning of February.

The 6 building firms included in the tender were HW Cowling, E Fox & Son, Franken Properties, Moody Brothers Contractors, Tom Willoughby and Woodhouse Barry.

The hall will close for use from the end of January and our intention is to then start clearing the hall in February. The hall will then be ready for demolition in March.

Stephen Barker is co-ordinating the clearing of the hall so if you haven't volunteered yet please let him know (868259 or e-mail

Ongoing events
The village hall will continue with a programme of events using alternative venues.

The next planned event is a quiz which will be held in the Orchard Inn on Sunday the 10th of February.

We now have a Film Club up and running which has shown two films. The Film Club meets the third Wednesday of every month.

The Big Soup Off is still being developed and will now take place in March. If you are interested in making a soup for the event or helping organise the event please contact Will Mowatt (868196 or e-mail

We continue to raise fund to support the £55,000 contribution required from the village. We have sent out applications for the Pathway to Success where anyone can buy a paver engraved with their own message and make a contribution to the fundraising effort. We would like to advise everyone that
you can drop your completed application off at the village shop and weather permitting we shall start a round of collections. We would like to thank those who have already returned their application.

Please note that the engravers can accept most accent marks and the ampersand (&), so if you are struggling with the number of letter spaces you can replace the word ‘and' with the symbol &.

If you require more details on this or additional applications please contact Debbie Lewis-Green (868234 or the

Village Survey
As part of our agreement with the Big Lottery, we have to demonstrate how the new village hall affects our community. In order to do this we have to determine the starting point and we will be carrying out a village survey in the next few weeks to give us this.

We will be coming round the village with questionnaires and will explain what needs to be done when we call on you. It's very important that we get as many responses as possible and we appreciate your support in helping us gather this information.