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Howden Jones!


Kate Howden and Paul Jones played at Husthwaite Village Hall on Friday Night.

Saturday morning and I was on their website looking at their tour itinerary to see if I could hear them again.

Our village hall has staged some charismatic events over the years and this would rank very near the top.

Forgoing the fixed stage they encamped at audience level and captivated us with an extraordinary blend of musicianship, lyrical ballads and haunting vocals.

Every song, reel and, plucked banjo, violin and mandolin was embroidered with gentle and self-deprecating humour.

The handing out of small bells, cymbals and tambourines for us to accompany them could, in other circumstances have been toe-curlingly embarrassing. In fact our skills managed to elevate their music to even higher levels.

A promise to play again to help raise money for our new hall will enable those in the village who had previous engagements on Friday to see this extraordinary duo.

The tour dates?

Lawrie Hill