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Interregnum at the Church


Ian Kitchen, who has been our Vicar here - and at 7 other churches nearby - for the last nearly 9 years has moved on.  He has taken up a post at Wheldrake in the Derwent Ings.  Ian will have been known by many - whether church-goers or not - and his work with our school will be particularly remembered, especially the 'Friday Unfrazzle' coffee mornings!

We now have to find a new Vicar and in this we are massively helped by our Bishop Martin (Selby) and Archdeacon Richard Seed.  Our first job has been to produce a Profile of the 7 churches (download here) that make up our double Benefice.  You may like to glance through it here - it illustrates our villages as beautiful places to live and with very lively, active communities.  Its purpose, of course, is to give potential new incumbents an idea of the sort of people we are and the places we live - and to attract one of them to join us here!

Generally we can expect up to about a year on our own.  Of course we are not literally on our own, being well-supported by our Curate, Nigel Chapman and a band of Lay Service Leaders as well as by retired clergy who enjoy assisting at Churches like ours and whom you will see visiting the Church from time to time.  We are fortunate also to have such good friends as those at the Methodist Church as well as a great band of helpers who keep the Church looking so clean and so beautiful with wonderful displays of flowers.  Meanwhile, ultimately, it is  down to us to maintain the life of the Church here at Husthwaite - please pray for us and for God's guidance and inspiration in calling someone soon to come to join us here as our new Vicar.