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There's Life in the Old Folk Yet!


Thirty of our most senior citizens attended the New Year Party in Husthwaite Village Hall on Tuesday 10th January 2012. Twenty years after the Old Evergreen Club closed, it came to life again on this fine winter's day. The tables were set out in a lucky horseshoe arrangement, adorned with colourful cloths and napkins, and decorated with beautiful little flowers. The meal was provided by Husthwaite's most experienced caterers; willing hands made light of the work.
Some of the older people had not seen one another in years. Their delight was clear to see in their twinkling eyes and smiling faces. They certainly know how to enjoy a party!
The Phoenix Choir was on song and everyone joined in with some old favourites. There were sad songs, funny songs and some really beautiful ones too. All were met with warm applause.
So, what shall we do next?
There was a whisper on the wind, saying "we wish for a new name", but can anyone think of a better one?
Since the Orchards of Husthwaite Project has kindly sponsored this opening event, the catering team were proudly wearing aprons of the Orchards' apple tree design, especially fashioned for the occasion. The suggestion was put to the assembled guests: how about re-naming this "The Orchard Village Club?" A spontaneous round of applause greeted this idea. We will put it to the vote at our next meeting, on Tuesday 7th February, following on from the Book Exchange at 12 noon. If you have other suggestions, please let us know. Bring all your bright ideas to inspire us. Whatever we wish to do in the coming years, willing people will make it happen! Thanks to you, everyone! There is new life in the Old Club yet!
Robin Walton
Pictures by John Ovenston have been added to our Gallery here