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A first look - displays A first look - Visitors to the Show Andy - Photography Angela - Paintings
Angie - Photography Brenda - Village History Hannah - Paintings Howard - Postage Stamps (various)
Howard - Postage Stamps (weather) Howard Brown : Abolition of Slavery Howard Brown: Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey Howard Brown: Weather Stamp
Jackie - Quilting Jan - Newsletter Juliet and Alan - Joinery Juliet and Alan - Joinery, Carpets and Covers
Juliet and Alan - Soft furnishings and Joinery Laura and Freddie - Candle holder Laura and Freddie - Cradle Laura and Freddie - Dumb Waiter
Lynn Collins - At Work Lynn Collins - Paper Mache work Malcolm - and a fellow enthousiast Malcolm - Central Station
Malcolm - Checking the Engine Malcolm - En route Malcolm - Loading up Malcolm - Stockyard
Mavis - At Work (Cross-stitching) Mavis - Cross-stitch pictures Mike - Byland Media Paulene - Portaiture Artist
Paulene - Work in Progress Pauline - Finished Work Rob - Restored BSA Motorcyle Rob - Restored Chevrolet pickup and Stingray V6 Coupe
Rob - Restored Ferguson Tractor Sarah - Soft toys and handbags The Curtain Room - Tableau Where would we be wi'out bun and tea
Wilf and Trevor - An Inquiry Wilf and Trevor - Squirrel
Showing 1-42 of 42

Some photographs illustrating the many interesting and beautiful entries for the June 2009 Made in Husthwaite event

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